The 2018 Herbal Resource Guide provides you with access to an array of books and sources for herbal information including:

- Herbal Books for Beginners

- Herbal Medicine Making Books

- Plant Monographs (Materia Medica)

- Herbal Therapeutics

- Herbal Research

- Herbal Education Resources

- Botanical/Herbal Organizations

- Free Herbal Information & Guides

- Herbs/Apothecary Supplies

- Wildcrafting/Harvesting/Foraging/Plant Identification

- Herb/Drug Interactions

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Natalie Vickery
Natalie Vickery

Natalie Vickery is an Herbalist and Educator with a degree in Natural Health Studies and Naturopathy. Natalie provides personal consultations and classes for those who are seeking alternative health solutions and education relating to prevention and optimal health.

Natalie has spent over a decade immersed in every facet of natural health and has been actively seeing clients and giving classes since 2007.

Background: (in her own words)

My initial training included 4 years of study in Naturopathy which gave me a strong foundation in natural health, healing and nutrition. However, the program I initially pursued did not place much emphasis on the traditional use of herbs, so I began studying and gaining knowledge from herbalists such as Paul Bergner, David Winston, Phyllis Light, 7Song, Matthew Wood, jim mcdonald, Thomas Easley and so many others.

Much of the information in my classes derives not only from these teachings but also from the early teachings of Samuel Thompson, the Physiomedicalists and the Eclectics, which basically evolved from the various traditions of folk and natural healing.

I have had the opportunity to share my accumulated knowledge and gain a great deal more practical experience through teaching classes locally and at various events and venues to include the annual Florida Herbalists Conference.

Although my classes focus on the traditional use of herbs, I do include additional information which includes nutrition, healthy lifestyles and supporting the body's vital energy to encourage healing.

As someone who grows and harvests plants, my teachings also advocate, emphasize and encourage sustainable ecological practices that support the environment.

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